Our Philosophy

The time to be artisanal is now. And the place is Anasuya.

As the world moves towards more conscious living, it becomes apparent that there are  two facets to this shift. This consciousness encompasses the external – ecological footprint, and the impact one can have on the environment, and the internal – eating natural, healthier lifestyles and finding a place to feel grounded. The signs point in one direction. Anasuya. A haven of tranquility and balanced living at Cheyyur, on the shores of the Bay of Bengal.

✔️ GET ON to explore this new Lifestyle
✔️ GET BY all the hurdles
✔️ GET OFF your monotonous lifestyle
✔️ GET UP, breathe & stretch
✔️ GET INTO your humble home
✔️ GET AWAY from digital distractions
✔️ GET OUT of negative influences
✔️ GET ALONG with nature
✔️ GET AHEAD with sustainable practices
✔️ GET ACROSS the concrete jungle
✔️ GET ABOUT with your well-being
✔️ GET BACK to nourishing your body, mind & soul
✔️ GET DOWN to build something
✔️ GET AROUND to connect with yourself
✔️ GET THROUGH clearing up the unnecessary clutter
✔️ GET MORE blissful days & peaceful nights
✔️ GET OVER your anxiety & worries
✔️ GET CONTROL of your life
✔️ GET RID of all artificial products & go natural
✔️ GET HEALTHY produce from the community
✔️ GET TOGETHER with a like-minded COMMUNITY!

Conscious, sustainable, artisanal lifestyle community 



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