Eco Conscious Lifestyle experience


Living within the ‘natural laws of nature’

Anasuya offers you an opportunity to be a part of the movement that is towards leading a more meaningful, artisanal life that is slow, harmonious and completely in sync with everything around you.

  • Short Stay – Get a short glimpse into this by booking a short stay, 1-7 days at our eco cottages. Wake up to the birds chirping, eat locally grown and fresh produce cooked in local styles by farm hands, spend the day in the fields, read a book or just do nothing.
  • Long Stay – Or become a permanent resident of this artisanal lifestyle by leasing/buying a piece of land, with an eco cottage and access to the community. 
  • Please click learn more to register for further details. 

Collaborative farming & Dairy


We are looking for people who would like to partner in any of the following areas.

  • Lease land for Organic farming or Dairy
  • Technical know-how for increasing productivity
  • Help with organic seeds
  • We are currently working with a Nanotechnology bio-fertiliser company for our soil rejuvenation and crop cycles.

Rural Vocational Training


We are committed towards creating a generation of job creators rather than job seekers in the local community around Anasuya.

As part of this initiative, we conduct workshops in indigenous housing construction, design thinking, DIY water machines etc. If you would like to conduct a workshop that will build skills amongst the local population that will enable them to not just earn a livelihood for themselves but also create jobs for others, we would be happy to collaborate. We also plan to work with IIT – Alumni association on these workshops.

Farm Weekend School Workshops


We believe that learning doesn’t happen in a classroom alone.

We are committed to raising a generation of young adults that understand and respect our relationship with nature and live a life that is in sync with themselves as well as nature.

We conduct workshops on various sustainable initiatives. Please reach out to us to schedule a workshop for 5 – 50 kids in the age group 8 – 15 yrs.

Conscious, sustainable, artisanal lifestyle community 


  • Cheyyur, Kanchipuram Dist, Tamilnadu, India


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