I am the Ocean

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Selfless motherland, mother earth you call the ground. But what about me? I am the ocean, there is an entire world inside of me. In my womb, I carry my children, from the tiny plankton to the humongous whales. I provide inexhaustible energy resources for your development. I absorb one quarter of the carbon dioxide from your atmosphere to protect you. I am one of the largest carbon sinks in the world. I allow you to cross my waters and move your cargo and ask for no payment. At the beach, I sent my waves to play with you, making you happy and relieving you from stress. You explore my depths to fulfil your curiosity and I happily oblige. As greed and selfishness have poisoned your mind, let me speak the language of money. Ocean-based industries employ about 200 million people and have contributed more than $25 trillion to your economies.

Even the air you breathe is produced by me. More than half of the world’s oxygen comes from me and I absorb 50 times more carbon dioxide than your atmosphere. I produce more air than the Amazon jungle, that you call the lungs of the earth. I act as a weatherman, forever controlling climates to make the earth habitable for you. I absorb the sun’s heat and protect you. You call me the “heart of the earth” , beautiful, wild and free. Yet you try to contain me, pushing me away, making me squeeze into smaller spaces day by day and harming the one you call the earth’s heart.

Life starts and ends in water. That is how the world works. As water, the one philosophy I will always stand by is that everything is a cycle. Even I follow a water cycle. I will not let you, unwise men , break the cycle of life and put all of my children in danger for your selfish purposes. The entire world works on a give and take policy. Yet all I do is give, and all you do is take. But something’s got to change now. I will be selfless no more. I must be selfish, for my children. For I had left the world in your hands, and you gave it back to me in pieces. I drown in the filth you have dumped in the water. My gleaming water is now stained with oil and pesticide. Irrational humans, you call the ocean your lifeline and then work to destroy that very lifeline. A tree does not chop its own roots off for very good reason.

Without me inside you, how would you survive? I give you everything from food to transportation, from air to medicine. And even after such selflessness, I ask for nothing in return. I only ask for you to correct your mistakes and heal this world before it becomes too late. What more could a mother want than the success of her children? But the cost of their health and future… this I cannot tolerate. I do not ask you to keep me clean and protect me for myself, but for my children. And if you do not, this mother will unleash her rage. When tsunamis, thunderstorms and cyclones destroy the world you consider home, do not tell me to stop, for it will be too late. And why should I? Do you stop to think about the plight of the millions of species who lost their homes for your self-serving motives? Save yourselves from destruction or I will have to start this world afresh. From the water you have come, and to the water you shall return.

How do you fix this, you ask? The key is sustainable development. Take not more than you need. You humans pride yourself on your mental abilities and capability to innovate and repurpose materials. So, reuse and recycle resources to the best of your abilities. Reduce materials that can cause me and my children harm. Surely there is a way for development to continue without burning down this world. Turn the tables. Be the saviors, not the devastators. Reverse what you have done. Be the healers, not the destroyers. You may feel that what you are doing is just a drop in the ocean, but as the ocean let me tell you: every drop matters. So, be the change you wish to see in this world and make the world beautiful again. I know you will make me proud, my children.

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