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 Where is my home?

Is it the place where my ancestors and parents came from?
Or is it the city I now live in, within a 4 walled structure where my small family lives? We paid through our nose literally to build this little nest.  We still have a long way to go to finish this investment. Maybe even keep paying till we retire.

Is my home where my parents live? My safe haven.

I really don’t know. And I or we are not the only ones who are caught in this situation. Most of our generation is, incidentally.

I remember as a child travelling on the train and looking at vast expanses of land, filled with greenery, water bodies, farm lands and filled with fresh clean air in great abundance. I would always imagine how wonderful it would be to run about in those wide spaces without the hassles of urban life.

I still yearn for this Utopian fantasy.

But now we have the rare opportunity to create a space that we can truly call home. Where our children and our parents can truly live.

A HOME like never before!

A land which we can restore, grow our own vegetables, fruits and even grains that suit our needs. Build a home which is eco-friendly and made from natural materials that synergise with our weather cycles, while keeping us protected and healthy. Homes which literally breathe with goodness of nature.

A home which cares for the surrounding community and wildlife. Share what we know with the people around and simultaneously ensure their growth as well. Teach the local community, while you return  to organic, pesticide-free farming. Eat the produce from our own land as our ancestors did many aeons ago.

This is the gift we can give our children. Sunshine. Fresh water. Air and healthy, delicious food.

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