Do we need to slow down? Slow fashion rapidly taking over the world

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Just like you all, my cupboard is filled with a tornado of clothes. Keeping up with the latest fashion while finding something comfortable to wear is​ truly​ frustrating. And when I finally find something perfect, I grow out of it after wearing it a few times, ending up with us going back to the mall for yet another dress-hunt. What should I do with all my old clothes? Donate the usable ones to local charities​​. But what about the ones which tear after a few washes, or the worn out shoes that cannot be salvaged? The diva in me cries to see such beautiful clothes going to waste.

Only 20% of discarded textiles are reused or recycled. The other 80% are thrown in landfills and decompose to release methane​ and carbon dioxide​, increasing global warming, making the fashion industry the second most polluting industry in the world. The disorganised system of collection and repurposing of clothes results in good quality clothes ending up in the landfills. Less than 1% of collected clothes are recycled into new yarn and fibres.

So, what can we do to save our precious clothes and make sure they find a good home? This is where slow fashion comes into play.

What is slow fashion? Slow sustainable fashion movement is a conscious choice to choose better quality items and keep them for longer, saving the planet, one sock at a time! This doesn’t mean you wear dull, lifeless clothes. Slow fashion brands have beautiful designs that you’ll love. ​They might be a little more expensive but you spend less on the long run since their quality helps you keep them for years, or even a lifetime. ​

Slow fashion brands pride themselves on using sustainable materials and practices, opting​ for​ organic​ fibres, ​limiting harmful chemicals/dyes, reducing energy/water wastage, ​and production of ​biodegradable clothing​, ​​ ​preventing them from clogging landfills. Moreover, employees of such ethical brands are ensured fair wages and good working conditions. ​ Research on local sustainable brands before you pick yourself a wardrobe. ​

26% of discarded clothing are homeless because we didn’t want them anymore. Isn’t that sad? So, before you buy that cool jacket, think if you really want it and if you can wear it for more than one occasion. Invest in timeless clothes that will never go out of style. Maybe even buy second-hand. And before you trash those unwearable clothes, try mending them or down-cycling them into rags or pillowcases. Awaken the artist in you and try up-cycling your clothes into a one-of-a-kind dress. Innovate! The sky’s the limit.

So stay loyal to your beauties, stand by your choices and don’t give in to the waves of fashion trends. Be conscious about your purchases​​. Wear what you love and do you!

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