Death may be optional by 2045 – Do we deserve immortality?

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As written in the book ‘The Death of Death’, two genetic engineers have discovered that with nano-technology, death may be optional and aging reversible as soon as 2045.

All your family and friends, living forever, making unending memories and even finding new friends over the course of immortality. You could do everything you ever wanted, check everything off your bucket list without any time constraints. A life with no regrets, no fear of ever leaving this earth, sounds pretty amazing to me!

The second I heard this, a million questions flooded my mind- How will the future be? Will the world be green and joyful? Or will the world be a page out of our dystopian fantasies, with smoke and ruins everywhere? Will global warming end? Or will we run out of natural resources? I don’t know if I would want to live in such a world.

The world today isn’t as green as it used to be, but I hope it can go back to the way it used to be. If I were immortal, I would love to live in a pollution-free, scenic world, rather than stay in a noisy, barren land. Why wait for the future? What if I told you such a place could exist in the present? Maybe not completely healed and maybe not in a second, but a better world, a better future for all of us, soon. We all can dream of a scenic landscape but what about making it a reality? Wouldn’t you love to roam such a land in person rather than just in your make-believe world?

Rome wasn’t built in a day is a proverb we all hear. But maybe it could, if we all worked together. Maybe, if we all planted and cared for a few saplings on our terrace or saved some water or maybe just turned off a lightbulb, the world could take a U-turn from the path of devastation it’s on. Not one, not a group of people, but all of us, together. And even if some of the damage is irreversible, is there a bad side to saving the planet? Caring for our planet has no side-effects, does it?

So, why wait for the future. Why don’t we all start today, so whatever may come in the future, our future is a greener one, a better one. You still have a choice to make, to be the guardians of this world or the destroyers.

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