Christmas Spirit For Hire

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Christmas, Christmas time is here. Time for joy and time for cheer.

But how can the Christmas cheer be complete without a beautiful Christmas tree!

Tens of millions of trees are chopped down to decorate your homes for the holiday. But is it right to destroy countless forests, chop down trees that took decades to grow, just to have a tree to open presents under for one day a year? Christmas trees are said to be a sign of new life, the very embodiment of Christmas spirit. Isn’t it ironic to chop down a tree, ending its life for a sign of everlasting life? Christmas spirit is all about giving happiness to others. Then how can we make animals and birds homeless, tearing down woodlands.

Even though artificial trees exist, many people believe that authentic Christmas trees enhance the Christmas spirit. We chop down Christmas trees, spend quality time with our families, but then what? Where do our beloved trees go to find a new home?

After Christmas is done and the majestic trees have served their purpose, the trees once considered to be magical are thrown into landfills or shredded to make other products. Studies say that real trees are more green, literally and figuratively, as compared to artificial trees as an artificial tree would have to be used for 10 years to have a lower carbon footprint. We uproot the trees from their homes and treat them like royalty for about 2 weeks and then throw them away. How is this the right thing to do? Would Rudolph be happy to see his reindeer family homeless?

So what do we do now, do we keep our presents on the table and reminisce about the old days of waking up to a dazzling, decorated tree? Do we compromise on family traditions with our children and expect them to be satisfied with photographs and stories? This is where Christmas Trees for Hire comes into play.

Young Christmas trees are tasked with keeping the Christmas spirit alive while keeping their carbon footprint low. How does this magically happen? No, Santa’s elves won’t gift-wrap these and have Santa drop it down your chimney with your presents. You choose a Christmas tree from the rental, like you would at a store, and have a potted tree delivered home. After Christmas, you return the rented trees, and they are cared for until next Christmas. One of the benefits of a rented tree is that you can bring back the same tree each year! Like a pet, you can name the tree and develop an attachment with it, it’s part of the family now! All you have to do is water it daily and you now have a green friend for life! This is environmentally friendly and you are supporting local businesses. The trees live a happy life with all their friends, continuing to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every day. The trees are exposed to limited pesticides and since they are in pots, fertilisers are more effective. Once the tree has grown too big for a household, it is planted in a forest to reach its full potential and touch the sky. You can even plant it in your backyard and watch your tree grow old with you!

So don’t get on Santa’s naughty list by chopping down trees. Take it as a Christmas miracle or a gift from Santa to save the world and our childhood, green is the way to go. Do it for the Rudolphs and the Dancers and the Prancers of the world, do it for your children, do it for the spirit of Christmas and the season of joy. Give the season of giving a new path towards giving back to the community. We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

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