Anasuya Story

Just off the scenic East Coast Road, down South India and close to the Odiyur lake, is Anasuya Eco-Habitat. Home to a variety of native & migratory birds, with suitable soil that has been maintained free of all chemicals.

The area is one of the most fertile regions on the East Coast Road, close to Chennai.

Factors that influenced the decision 14 years ago…

  • Organic land with good soil condition
  • Close to city – 90 Kilometers from Chennai and 60 from Pondicherry on the ECR
  • Scenic drive – one of the top 5 in the country


The Architect that I was looking for

A Divine Timing - After 10 years into the project and looking for an Architect for natural homes, meeting the Architect from Auroville referred by a close friend, who happened to be a great friend and neighbor for a couple of years during my teens.

Food Forest


  • Biodiversity of flora by planting a diverse variety of native species of trees, shrubs, and bushes
  • Plant biodiversity will in turn attract a range of fauna from soil microbes, soil organisms, beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies as pollinators, to birds and small mammals
  • Soil rejuvenation through the biomass generated out of the flora
  • Natural farming methods that such an ecosystem can support without the use of external inputs and chemicals
  • A diversity of edible crops to include self sustaining perennials that need less care and will feed us all through the year and some annuals that are seasonal with one harvest per year.


About Us

An inspired community of Artisans who are finding their space by going back to the roots.

We have an Experience Center to give a glimpse into the following activities and workshops…

Technology: An incubator program for creating rural entrepreneurs through vocational training.

  • Project 1 : AME machine creation course.

Farming: Nanotechnology biofertiliser to grow organic crops and education to local farmers to use new age technology with native seeds.

Housing: ‘Handmade homes’ workshops to create own homes for people interested to lead a harmonious life with like-minded community.

Farm School: Education workshops with the basics of Food, Clothing and Shelter.

Wellness Center: Mind and Body workshops for mental & physical wellbeing organized by professional coaches.

Meet The Ideation Team

Creativity is not the finding of a thing, but the making something out of it after it is found.” – James Russell Lowell

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Sreevatsa G

Chief Planner and Architect

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Maya Ganesh

Permaculture Practitioner

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Sushmita Parakh

Space Designer

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Jan Duclos

Food Forest Designer

Meet The Execution Team

Ideas are yesterday, execution is today and excellence will see you into tomorrow.” – Julian Hall

Sumedh Reddy

Founder – Social Entrepreneur 


Tara Madan Gopal

Co-Founder – Head of Operations

Conscious, sustainable, artisanal lifestyle community 



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Sreevatsa G

Sreevatsa is the executive architect and co-founder of Tapasya Design Studio, a not for profit unit under Auroville foundation. Post graduating, he has been practising architecture and design for more than a decade. The portfolio ranges from product design to conservation of historic buildings to unconventional buildings like cob wall buildings, resorts, farm houses, office spaces and commercial projects.

Having designed projects all over India, using local materials, practices and climatic understanding, the projects have a deep respect for the environment and local livelihood, and strive to go beyond the terminology of “Sustainability”. Deeply motivated by the wisdom of the land in which the spaces are commissioned and are to be revealed, ‘the spaces reflect a deep sense of experience’ for users

Maya Ganesh

Maya is a sustainability consultant, socio-environmental researcher and writer with 5 years in the socio-environmental sector and over 16 years in sales & marketing with various multinational corporations. She transitioned from the corporate sector to the socio-environmental sector after a master’s degree in Environment & Sustainable Development from University College London (UCL). She is a permaculture practitioner and did her permaculture design course with Rico Zook and Narasanna Kopulla at Aranya Agricultural Alternatives, Zahirabad. Some of her projects include waste management, urban beekeeping, permaculture design and sustainable cleaning solutions for a working farm and restaurant, socio-environmental research for an ecovillage, operational improvement strategies for an NGO working on rural and resort waste management, urban edible garden for a school, community capacity building and advocacy for a social enterprise, and academic and journalistic publications. Her main areas of interest include spiritual ecology, community-driven sustainable initiatives, closed-loop systems, urban agriculture and rural-urban linkages.

Sushmita Parakh

Sushmita is a wellness designer with a specialization in space-planning. She believes that spaces influence how we feel, thus affecting our quality of life. She is a passionate well-being practitioner who believes that good design can transform people's lives. She enjoys working with her clients in creating unique customized spaces that encourage efficient, productive and satisfying experiences. She has a degree in interior design from the Parsons School of Design, New York. She has worked over the last 14 years on office, factory, showroom, boutique workshop, retail store and residential projects

Jan Duclos

Jan has been with the UNESCO for over 2 decades and planted millions of trees around the world. A Botanist by profession and creator of many botanical gardens. A beautiful 9 acre botanical garden made all by himself in Hampi over a period of 15 years. One of the known persons around the world for his knowledge of trees.

Sumedh Reddy

Sumedh is a serial entrepreneur with a good balance of successes and failures leading to huge learnings in multiple areas. He is passionate about technology and specialises in scaling up operations with limited resources to capture large markets. “Impact” is the word that moves him to do larger things. With a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science Engineering from Madras University and a Finance specialisation from IIM - Bangalore, started the career being an entrepreneur at 21, trading sheep to Metro AG, accommodation services catering to IT professionals in Chennai, co-founding which became, once India's leading online Hotel booking site with over 11000 hotels in 1000+ cities in India(now not operational).

Also the founder and Managing Director of
✔️ Challa Properties Private Limited, which is into real estate development, construction, joint ventures & layout promotions and
✔️, which was India's first Retail Real Estate company integrating 'online’ real-estate resources with the ‘real-world’(offline) needs and real-estate agents. The company operated over 15 franchise stores in 3 Southern Metros and integrated over 5000 agents.

Co-founder of
✔️A unique holistic wellness experience named Ayatana
Digital transformation and engagement company.

Tara Gopal

Tara is a consummate professional with more than 15+ years’ experience in advertising, commercial & consumer real estate and large-chain retail. With an MBA from symbiosis, Pune, I've tried to apply my scholastic knowledge in various job roles that I've had in the past, that included: Client Services with leading Advertising agencies, Sales & Marketing, Project Management with Interior Contracting firms and end to end store operation management with a leading retail brand such as Fabindia.

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